Leasing Opportunities

Permanent Leasing

  • Various locations available
  • Long term leases
  • Custom storefront and design capabilities

Temporary In-Line Space

  • Advantageous for retailers with expanded merchandise selections
  • Private and relaxed space to interact with customers
  • Various sizes and locations available
  • Short-term, seasonal and longer term leases available
Retail Mobile Unit

Retail Merchandising Unit- (RMU)

  • Ideal for new and experienced retailers
  • Located in the walkways of high traffic locations
  • Inexpensive lease rates
  • Ideal for specialized product sales, test marketing and product launches
  • Available on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis

Fantastic leasing opportunities are available NOW!  Contact Us for more information, or call us at (573) 893-5437.


Advertising Opportunities


Display Unit

  • Like an RMU, the display unit is located in high traffic walkways
  • The unit is mobile to easily allow location changes
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly programs available

 Banner Advertisement

  •  Various locations available
  • Hang from the ceiling at center court
  • Frame on a bulkhead for maximum visibility
Many other advertising opportunities are available.  Contact Us for more information, or call us at (573) 893-5437